Domino QQ: The Advent of E-Gambling

In the early days, games of poker were played inside of huge and fancy casinos. Since the late 2000s, poker has seen a shift from casinos to mobiles and PCs. Domino QQ is gaining a lot of popularity among the old and the young alike. On one hand, it may help people control gambling addictions through virtual economies and on the other hand it could prove a gateway into the vicious world of gambling for the young minds.

Forms of Online Poker

  • Arcade Type Online Poker: This type of poker is usually seen in the form of games. Mostly such games involve some form of virtual cash instead of actual money. These often act as a stress reliever and even help people with gambling addictions by making them gamble on virtual cash instead of actual money.
  • Money-Based Online Poker: This is the more severe form of Online Poker and involves actual money transactions. These websites often have an entry fee. Though legal, these websites are very much prone to scams and frauds. Such websites promote gambling and are often inaccessible to minors.

Online Poker Vs Real Poker

  • Online Poker Involves no interaction between the players and as such gets rid of the reading your opponent factor.
  • Unlike Real Poker, the shuffling of cards in an online game of poker is often based on some pre-defined algorithm and thus, it cannot be fully random.
  • Online Poker Games have lower entry bar compared to real life poker which can be much more expensive.
  • Online Poker involves transactions in the form of some virtual cash instead of actual money.

Poker QQ

The Dark Side of Online Poker

Poker by nature involves gambling and such it can prove to be an entry into the world of gambling for young minds. These Online Poker games are very prone to hackers and scammers. The websites hosting these games are often very shady and some of them have been even accused of having connections with the Deep Web. These games promote gambling and often have no measures in place to keep the minors from gambling their parent’s money away.

Functioning Of Online Poker

These Online Poker games are generally hosted on the web. The companies hosting these games generally take a part out of a player’s winnings as a tax. Moreover,web-page even earns money through advertisement. In the case of Arcade Online Poker games, the companies generally earn money by providing players incentives to spend actual money to get more virtual money.

Online Poker A Boon or Bane?

While these Online Poker games are a source of mild entertainment but like any form of gambling has its downsides. Gambling on untrusted poker sites can lead to frauds and scams. Keeping minors from gambling is the big issue that these websites have to be held accountable for. There have been many cases where minors have led their parent’s down a road of the financial crisis because of addiction to e-gambling. Like gambling of any form, DominoQQ is good in small doses but can even develop into addiction in the hands of a gambling addict or a minor.